Monday, September 07, 2009

Because I know you people care about my fantasy team...

I just needed to either vent or brag on the quality of team I threw together. Of course, it's for a public league, so there's no way I'll put together one this good for any of my private leagues:

Goalies: Luongo & Hiller
D: Boumeester, Wideman, Enstrom, Montador
LW: Heatley, Gagne, Eriksson
C: Roy, Arnott, Oshie, Peverley
RW: Semin, Havlat, Little

Aww, yeah. Beat that, biotches. I will have an issue choosing what 2 RWs to ice every night, though. But really - that's not a bad pickle to have.

EDIT: Fair the well, Pevs Dispenser. I needed another goalie, and Conklin was left available. *sniff*

It's ok. If you tear it up this year I can always add you later because, honestly, no one'll pay any attention.


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