Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing the St. Louis Blues!

Well, ok, my version of it, from the Cycle Like the Sedins uber re-draft. I had a bunch of frontloaded picks, so I finished first - there's no prize for that, though. And yes, you do see a lot of Blues and Thrashers on here, but I wasn't being a homer. Believe it or not, no one took Slava until the 5th round, and he was the best remaining at his position. Ditto with Little, and ditto with Toby. This further proves the age old theory that if your team sucks, people assume everyone on it does as well, so they never pick them. HA. And yes, I know I have Little at center, but he's eligible to play that position, and I needed one. Lemme alone.

My 4th line is the way that it is because everyone was pretty much taken by that point, and I figured hey, if I can't beat 'em, I'll beat the hell out of them. You know, for fun. That, and Steen can be fairly productive.

Two #1 goalies? Well, come on. Yes. Why? It's just CYA, plain and simple. That, and Byrz is pretty highly ranked in NHL10, and so's Bobby Lou. Other teams can't take advantage of the fact that my "backup" is in.

If you could afford Byrz, would you want LaBarbera for your backup?


Line 1
Evander Kane
Bryan Little
Brian Gionta

Line 2
Slava Kozlov
Daniel Briere
Martin Erat

Line 3
Ruslan Fedotenko
Eric Belanger
Tom Kostopoulos

Line 4
Riley Cote
Alexander Steen
Cam Janssen


1st Pair
Toby Enstrom

Erik Johnson

2nd Pair
Darryl Sydor

Joni Pitkanen

3rd Pair
Mike Mottau

Andrej Sekera

7th Man

Anssi Salmela


Roberto Luongo

Ilya Bryzgalov


CLS said...

It's doubtful that any team (in our league or the real one) has better goaltending. I'm certain of that.

Laura said...

Which probably means that this one'll wind up dead last in the NHL. That's the kind of effect I'm having on stuff this month.

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