Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pre-season starts and a camp addition?

Tonight's the first pre-season game of the season, against the Nashville Predators, in Nashville. No cool on-line in-arena feed like the Oil/Isles game last night, so we get to listen to Dan Kamal on 680 The Fan - which to me is probably preferable.

Also, per Ben Wright's Twitter feed (and I'll post a link once it's up on the Thrashers' website), Maxim Afinogenov (who was just 6-14-20 and a -7 last season with the Sabres) will be joining the Thrashers in camp. This really makes me curious of what's going on, especially with our third line. Competition for that spot is apparently going to be a nightmare.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

I don't know if I want Afinogenov; the collective response from Buffalo fan on was, "You'll be sorry..."

Laura said...

I guess it all depends on what Max we get. Healthy Max - fast and nice shot. Owie Max? -15 by Christmas.

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