Friday, September 11, 2009

Thrashers Training Camp Roster is Out.

Ben published the camp roster earlier today. You guys can catch it over at the official Thrashers website. It's got a ton of guys listed... which we all pretty much know will probably *not* make the team. Really, the only slot up for grabs is the left wing on the third line. Other than that, we can probably pretty much predict the roster and line combos already.

We have seven (!) goalies competing for the positions, Lehtonen, Hedberg, Pavelec, Legace, MacIntyre, Mannino, and Josh Unice, who is there on an amateur tryout.

Hi, logjam. Makes me wonder why two guys not under contract with the team were brought in for camp. It really isn't necessary what with us having FIVE GOALIES FOR FOUR SPOTS under contract. Gee, wonder if Kari and Pavs are still not at 100%. Signs point to "duh."

Just a note - the Thrashers message boards are undergoing the switch over to the new, league wide format this weekend, so they're down.


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