Friday, October 09, 2009

Ahhh, My World's Back to Normal.

Well, that was generally a shit day for St. Louis sports. Here: this summarizes it perfectly:

I don't know if the Blues were jet lagged still, underestimated the Thrashers (maybe they should take my comments on Game Time and here more seriously! Or, um, at all), or just generally had an off game, but damn. Flatter than a pancake. Walt looked sharp, McDonald tried, Polak randomly scored, and we couldn't convert on a single rebound. But at least MacInnis got a kick ass statue.

Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but that should have been the Blues' main objective, since Ondrej Pavelec allowed about 600.

Speaking of the Thrash (because seriously, the Blues played so flat that summary is about the best that I can do), Kovy scored goals 300 and 301! I mentioned it on Game Time all excited like, Fox Sports Midwest congratulated him, the KMOX crew did, Dan Kamal and Ben Wright tweeted it, and... um... no one on SportSouth said a WORD about it until the very end of the broadcast. Come on, people. That's a big damn accomplishment, and NOTHING? They were more excited about Boulton's goal than Kovy's 300th.

One milestone goal they got was Evander Kane's first, set up by Pevs. I have come to the conclusion that we don't just have a 3rd line randomly put together. We have three damn good and really freaking fast scoring line, and then the shut down guys. Our D looked outstanding, especially Toby and Bogosian (duh), as well as Kubina.

Quite frankly, if we keep playing like this, Kovy's re-signed by Turkey Day, and all the pundits can eat crow. *nom nom nom*


Mortimer Peacock said...

The vision of the pundits noming on crow...what a sight that will be.

Laura said...

Hope that they have plenty of Tabasco or something to make it palatable.

And when they do finally nom on it, I want film.

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