Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's time...

"Who's that behind that tree, Sybil?" "I... I think it's Nik Antropov... but he has a hot water bottle! Make it stop!"

Sorry, I'm sure someone will consider that inappropriate. Don't care.

Anywho, it's time for my first Sybil game of the year, where my two favorite teams duke it out. This year, looking at the lines, they're both running 3 scoring lines and a depth line - the main difference is that the Blues' depth line can score.

Defense seems to go to the Blues based on physicality, but the Thrash defense might be faster. Don't underestimate Bogo, but don't forget about Johnson, either.

Goal? Mason by a mile. The Blues made Howard look like a pee wee hockey player, and he's 3 years older than Pavs. This might not end well for Pavelec. He better pray to God that he can stop McDonald and Kariya... this isn't playing Tampa Bay. We actually have more plays than "get the puck to the midget and that guy that Montreal wants!" Walt will be there to whap the puck in to take advantage of Pavs' rebounds, Perron passes and sets up plays faster than anyone Pavelec has ever seen. His head needs to be on a swivel tonight.

I'm usually not upset regardless of who wins this game (though I wish that they could still end in a tie), but I understand how important a good start is to the Thrash. But this is one game... they can sacrifice that on the Alter of MacInnis night, right? The Blues have a chance to start 5-0 this year and further pull away from the rest of the Central - our next two opponents are the Yotes and Kings.

I love the Thrash, and I've been pulling for them since game one, but I've loved the Blues for twice as long - since I was 7 - and I just can't turn my back on my boys. I'll be doing the Game Time GDT... sorry message board peeps. Saturday night I'll play, but tonight? It's all Blues.


aaron said...

Yea, Pavs' lack of rebound control will ensure Keith "Tubby T" Tkachuk will have plenty points tonight.

I'm usually not this nihlistic about a game, but this one is probably going to make me head to the liquor cabinet.

Laura said...

Murray might as well just tell Walter to stay there through all four lines - "Just stand still, Boyes will shoot and miss, and boom. Kariya will shoot and get blocked, and boom. Perron will... um... get knocked into the net, and boom."

I swear that this is going to be the pre-game strategy speech.

I'm all about the liquor cabinet tonight for celebration and frustration that can really go either way. I hope the Thrash don't drive me to drink too much tonight. Honestly, I want to see them play well. I still want the Blues to win, but I expect a good showing from the Thrashers. We can still improve our play but lose once in a while - I'm sure Kovy understands that.

dj4aces said...

I'm glad Kovalchuk and the rest of the team decided that winning was more important last night. Also, it's still very early, but I would say Atlanta's depth line can score as well.

Pavelec is a mess, but at least his "fish out of water" routine in net hasn't directly contributed to any GA.

Atlanta needs to shut down the other team better. More aggressive on the puck. Allowing 30+ SOG per game has to stop, or we won't be so fortunate in the future.

Laura said...

Totally agree with you. The SOG are still absurd, and it's frustrating because the D was all over the Blues last night (especially Toby - good Lord). I know we're offense first, but we have to be more responsible, especially with Pavelec in net.

I have a killer headache today from screaming at the TV. Partially because Pavs was letting obscene rebounds happen, and partially because the Blues kept missing them. I hope he's just as lucky Saturday night.

I admit, I'm liking our depth line. I thought last Saturday might have been a fluke, but Boults' goal last night was pretty darn good. He's on pace for 82 points this year. :)

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