Friday, October 16, 2009


The Thrashers are off to a 3-1-0 start to this season thanks to our third line - three of our four goals tonight came from them (two from Peverley, one from Kane). I might get a chance to gush on here later, but I'll be muy busy this weekend. Honestly, though, if you haven't seen Evander Kane completely school Martin Brodeur, here you go:

Ok. Well. Apparently those of us who were concerned about him staying up with the big boys can sleep easy tonight. Also, those of us who are having panic attacks at Pavelec and his lack of rebound control got a good sign tonight - he played outstanding hockey and looked as sharp as I've seen him in the past 3 years. NOW will someone notice that we don't suck? Come on, anyone? TSN, you know you wanna.


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