Monday, October 19, 2009

Re-signing news...

No, not Kovy yet, but Rich Peverley's renewal is about to be a done deal. Since his arrival in Atlanta last season, the Thrashers have had a strong winning record aided by his 42 points in 44 games. Not bad for an underused 3rd liner, huh? And yes, I know that he's back on the 3rd line in Atlanta, but that line's as much of a scoring threat as any other one on the team, considering he and Evander Kane seem to have a li'l bit of chemistry going on.

Speaking of stuff, I know I missed an outstanding Thrashers game Saturday night, and that everyone and their mother has seen this, but Mad Max's goal is absolutely amazing. 4-1-0. Best start in franchise history. I think some people might finally be giving the Thrashers some sort of credit. Weird. By the way, congrats to Hedberg for an outstanding first game of the season.


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