Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A tale of two rookies...

Evander Kane's been told to find an apartment, which pretty much means he's staying put in Atlanta - God knows he's proven that he can hang with the big(ger) boys in the NHL. He's played in every game so far and has helped turn our third line into a scoring threat.

Alex Pietrangelo's playing tonight in Carolina after an excellent game against Dallas (a goal and sticking up for Cola after Ott's hit), but he's been a healthy scratch for most of the games as so his development isn't rushed. Why the difference in attitudes?

It's not because the Blues don't need another defenseman now, because they do. And it's not because the fans are questioning him, because most want him to get more ice time. Anyone have any legit thoughts as to why Petro's hanging out with JD and the buffet most games?


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