Sunday, October 04, 2009

We had the second highest attendance in the league last night?

But... but... we're moving to Winnipeg! And everyone down here hates us! And hockey can never survive in Atlanta! And Kovy's already going to go to Montreal! And... and... uh...

Yeah. Hi, media. Kiss it.

Very, very fun game - hopefully a sign of things to come. 2 goals each by Kovy and Pevs, Bogosian netted a very pretty one, Salmela scored on a pretty pass from Boulton (!), and Kane got his first point.

Offense from the defense... though probably still too many shots on goal allowed. Luckily Pavs had a decent game for the most part, though he floats out of position too much. There were several shots that came dangerously close to going in, although the defense knocked a lot of stuff away last second to save us. He doesn't get up fast enough after he drops, and has very limited lateral movement. His rebound control, though, was much improved from the last time we saw him.

We did notch a few penalties, but luckily most were matched by Tampa Bay, so our PK wasn't too active. Also, Boris was on the bench this game, so no silly penalties were taken. Of course, one power play goal was scored by Marty St. Louis... but Pevs got one for us, so it evened out... I guess.

Next game is Thursday night against... uh... well... St. Louis. I'll have to up my dosage of happy pills and magical fizzy drink that day, I suppose.

Mmm... magical fizzy drink...


Mortimer Peacock said...

It was insane to see Philips that packed and unruly. A great thing for sure.

But then again, I hear we're moving to Winnipeg, because Al Strachan has a well-connected ass from which he pulls things.

Laura said...

His ass must get along well with Tomas Holmstrom's, because Holmstrom pulls stuff from it all the time. Like goals. And probably Little Caesar's pizza for the locker room.

Too mean? Naah. But Winnipeg? Didn't they lose the Jets because no one had any corporate money up there and the arena was the size of my porch?

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