Sunday, October 04, 2009

Can we start every season in Sweden?

Wow. Two goals down? Pfft. That ain't nuttin but a chicken wing that Walt had for dinner last night.

Walter needs to eat more of them. Wow. Two goals yesterday, and a devastating hit on Brett Lebda, which knocked him out for the remainder of the game. Add that to goals by Kariya, McDonald, and Berglund, and we successfully swept the Wings in Stockholm in front of crowds that were more enthusiastic than most Detroit area crowds. They were completely in the bag for the Red Wings, seeing as how the team has seven Swedish players, but I have an odd feeling that they left with some respect for the Blues.

Heck, I think that the league has a little bit of respect for the Blues (and enjoy it while you can, because we're in 1st and Detroit's in 15th) after that showing. No one expected us to win both games. Wings fans were crowing about how they would leave with two games up on us, and thought that anything less than three points would be a crushing defeat.

So, um... how's that house on you feel, Wicked Witch of the NHL? Kind of heavy, huh?

The Wings were slower and had less motivation on the ice than I have ever seen a team have. Florida played with more spirit against Chicago, for God's sake. Their only major asset (ha) was Tomas Holmstrom, who was in the middle of everything.

And seriously, could Kim Karadashian's ass score a goal? I think NOT! Be proud, Detroit. Be proud. Of something. Maybe.

The Blues are showing that they're able to keep pace with the class of the Western Conference. If we can continue this kind of play against Detroit and Chicago, the newfound respect we got from last season should steamroll. It's already odd enough to see us featured in some NHL Network ads. Let's see if we can't become an ad ourselves. Watch out Sid and Ovie. Here comes... uh... TJ Oshie and Paul Kariya. I like that.

We already have the "Faith +" and "Hope +" ads. Let's see which one is next... and how they can work us in there somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Who will you cheer for next game: Thrashers or Blues?

Laura said...

My beer.

No, seriously... I hate the Thrash/Blues games... I always wind up feeling kind of guilty because I don't get pissed off no matter who wins. I'm the penultimate fence sitter!

That being said... I gotta go with the Note. :)

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