Saturday, October 03, 2009

Postive Thrashers Prediction??

From the GLOBE AND MAIL??? Wow. Uh... excuse me. I need to look outside to make sure there isn't a horseman on my doorstep.

Ok, we're clear. Eric Duhatschek of the Globe and Mail pegs us for the sleeper squeak in for the playoffs, and either he's a rational human being or he's been reading Thrashers' blogs for a while, but he says pretty much what we've been stating for a long time.

He catches the fact that we have three potent scoring lines, he notices the size brought in with Kubina and Antropov, he mentions that our top line is going to score a lot, and he notices that we have a top 4 that's the best that we've ever had.

He even compares us favorably to... get this... the CAPS. Of course, we have a weird goalie situation like they do too. But it's not that much of a far reach. Check out the article, and shoot him a line of thanks when you get a chance.

Oh, and BTW, that Kovy + Faith ad (not to be confused with Kate + Eight, since Kovy doesn't have weird helmet hair and scream at faith at the top of his lungs like a chicken) seems to be more true than the NHL marketing dept. knows:

"This is our year," Kovalchuk said this week. "We are a very competitive team."

Thanks, big guy.


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