Friday, October 02, 2009

Finallly - herring!

Herring, hockey in Sweden... six of one, half dozen of the other... Today the puck drops on the Blues v. Detroit season opener in Stockholm. Hopefully it will be broadcast on GameCenter Live since DirecTV STILL hasn't fixed the hockey situation. The guys are excited about being there, and the season in general. Detroit? Apparently Chris Osgood's sick, so Jimmy Howard might have to play. Wow, so is that going to be their excuse when they lose? "Well, we only lost because Osgood was sick! And because half of our line-up left last season. And because Lidstrom got a hangnail... and... and..."

Anyway, for constant coverage from the European correspondents (they're not really, but they're keeping us updated - and it just sounds cool to call them that), please check out St. Louis Game Time. The GDT starts at 3 (2 Central), and there's another one for folks who recorded the game at 7:30. I'm not sure how Sean's going to pull that miracle out of his ass, but more power to him.

I'm ready for some Blues hockey to start - how about you guys? Heck, I'm looking forward to the Hawks/Panthers game. And that's sad.


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