Monday, November 09, 2009

Congrats to the Golden Brett.

I'd write my own summary of what's going on tonight, when Brett Hull gets inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, but the Post-Dispatch has a wonderful summary of Hull's career that really captures what he means to St. Louis and to the Blues.

Even better than the P-D's article is the tribute written up on St. Louis Game Time by Brad. Hull was outspoken. He was brash. He might not have always been the best teammate, but no one matched him in intensity. Had Adam Oates not been traded, Hull very well could have reached Gretzky levels in scoring. Yes, he won the cup with Dallas and that other team that I choose to not remember, but his golden years were spent here, in St. Louis. Scottrade is the House that Hull built - he rejuvenated a franchise and helped the Blues compete with the Cardinals as the hot ticket in town. He made a whole generation of kids, myself included, fall in love with the sport and with the best franchise in the game. I'll always remember him as a Blue, and I am thrilled that he's being inducted in to the HHOF (along with John Davidson as a broadcaster - congrats, JD!).

Wow, the HHOF. Hull's in there. CuJo probably will be too. Shanny as well. Gretzky already is. Oates is going to be. The hall of fame's looking like a who's who of people Keenan drove away from StL. Yeah, I'm still bitter. What?


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