Monday, November 09, 2009

Three outta four ain't bad.

Apologies to Meat Loaf on the title there.

Anyway, the Blues and Thrashers combined for three points yesterday - not in the order that I'd prefer, but I'll cope. The Blues lost in a shootout for their 5th straight loss, and both Ty Conklin and Johan Hedberg turned in fantastic performances in the Battle of the Backups. They both deserved the win, though Conklin really should have had it... save for a Ron Hainsey shot that bounced up over his glove - which I think are the hockey gods evening stuff out with the whole "goal from 1000 feet out" thing that happened to Pavs a few games ago.

The Thrashers played well, though both goals came from the defense again. I'm not going to whine about offensive defensemen at all, because at least someone is providing goal-scoring. I can't say the same for the Blues, aside from David Perron, who is leaps and bounds better than he was last season, and improving. The new Kid Line of Eller, Berglund, and Oshie worked, but didn't wind up on the scoresheet... and managed to be sat by Murray the last period of the game for the most part. Brilliant again - skate with 9 forwards. Who cares if they get worn down and make stupid mistakes? We have Boyes and Kariya out there missing the wide open net and managing to make people regret how much we pay them.

Something needs to light a fire under this team's collective ass, and if the stellar play of their two goalies isn't it, then AM needs to find it, stat.

That being said, Peverly's shootout goal was pretty, and Kozlov is just incredible, though not as much so as Moose, of course - whose mask got bunged up on a poke check gone wrong. Are the refs trying to get all of our guys killed or something? IF THEY DON'T HAVE A MASK ON, BLOW THE WHISTLE. Glad the Blues scored, but I don't want Moose hurt in the process, ok?


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