Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey hey, they're a believer!

NHL Fanhouse takes a look at the Pretenders and the Contenders for the playoffs this year, and shockingly enough, the Thrash are a contender. I say shockingly enough, because usually when a team becomes stuck in a teeny slump, the sky starts to fall, they drop 10 slots in the power rankings, and then the four horsemen show up.

Wait... too soon yet? Shouldn't you guys be in Carolina?

Anyways, they mention Max scoring, getting Little going again, JA's system being fun to watch when it's clicking... the whole "even if they don't keep Kovy past this year" statement aside, it's pretty positive. I always enjoy it when you can look at an article involving the Thrashers, and it doesn't include massive amounts of painful sarcasm/mockery.

If I'm gonna read something sarcastically mocking about either the Thrashers or the Blues, it's going to come from our own people, thank you very much. People who are familiar with the team have the right to make fun. I'm glad that people are getting familiar with the team, and not feeling like they have to mock. It's taking some getting used to, but I think I'll cope.


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