Sunday, November 22, 2009

Somethin' I've noticed...

The past few games I have gotten a chance to catch this from a few vantage points: the Thrashers turn the puck over. A lot. Passing to the other team, not paying attention, too many moves and not enough shooting.

Tonight marked the third game in a row where the Thrashers fell behind by two or more goals, didn't play for 2 periods, and then game out holy guns blazing in the 3rd. Two of those games we managed to get a point out of it, even though we didn't deserve it. The game against the Pens, well, we didn't deserve to win it, and we didn't. They were sloppy, flat, and played scared - yes, they're the Cup champions, but you can respect a team without being paranoid about offending them with a goal. That's the point.

John Anderson mentioned in today's presser that they deserved to be embarrassed after the first two periods.

They should be. Line changes, new partners... nothing seemed to work. I'm sure that two games in less than 24 hours hurt, but Tampa had the same situation, and played rings around us. There's no excuse for some of the lack of playmaking and hustle out there - shots that should have been taken weren't, for whatever reason, leading to missed chances and turnovers. The top line, especially Kovalchuk, didn't seem to have any push at all. I'm not sure if this is left over from last night, because they were were the push came from, but today they were about as atrocious as that line could be.

The game winning goal came from a poor turn-over, miscommunication, sloppy play, and a bad bounce. Oh, and it also came from Steven Stamkos.

Our next game is against Detroit on Wednesday. If we keep this up, they will eat us for breakfast, poor goaltending notwithstanding.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

Funny, I thought Garnet Exelby and Boris Valabik were no longer on the roster...

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