Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who ya gonna call? Slumpbusters!

Blues have officially maybe kind of sort of busted their slumpage. Perron scores two, Berglund finally scores, and... put down any drinks, please... Eric Brewer scored. I'm guessing that he executed C://scoregoal.exe or such. I'm not going to complain much, although I'm still not the Brew-bot's number one fan.

Perron, well... here. Goal of the year - it's his 9th so far, but by far the prettiest:


Monday the Bruins are in town, hoping to get us back for last year's MLK Miracle. Let's not let Savvy's return muck up what's becoming a better homestand than a few expected.

BTW, Petro's staying. But maybe not. It makes more sense once you read it.


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