Friday, November 06, 2009

How many periods are there in a game?

Three, right? Sixty minutes of action. Could someone sit the Thrashers down and explain this to them? The BJs at Thrashers game last night was the second one in a row that I have been to where I had to fight dozing off, or throwing something, or both. Yes, Pavelec did not have a good night. But the rest of the team attempting to play would have been very, very helpful. No one scored until about five minutes into the 2nd period, and that wasn't because Garon was on fire in the first. We barely took 8 shots. As the time went on, the shot total went up (we outshot them and wound up with around 31 SOG or so), and the number of goals scored went up (congrats to Toby Enstrom on his first of the year). But effort shouldn't get stronger as the game goes on - the effort needs to be there and the team needs to maintain.

The Thrashers have an outstanding road record of 5-1-1. Their home record is 1-4-0. There's something telling about that. The die-hard Thrashers fans are there, and we are loud. But when you're a player and look up, and you see about 6K in the seats (the attendance figure of around 10K was padded), it's hard to get a spark going. Everyone knows that's a problem. Phoenix has overcome it so far this season, by playing for themselves. You play for your team, and if you're in a foul mood because of whatever, or don't feel motivated - get over it.

You get motivated, you win. You win, people show up. It's not that we don't have hockey fans in Atlanta, because we do. But no one wants to pay $70 for a full game and only be treated to half of one.


Wayne stuck in AL said...


This has been a script from the past 2 seasons, going on a 3rd.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Seriously. I had deja vu writing that.

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