Saturday, November 28, 2009

Is tonight finally the night?

Don't let that look fool you - he'll take you out in a heartbeat.

The Thrashers haven't beaten the Flyers since November 18th. 2005. The only goalie we have under contract who has managed to beat the Flyers is Johan Hedberg, but it hasn't been since he signed a contract with us... though he was in goal the game last year where we almost didn't get slaughtered by them.

It doesn't matter if the Flyers are basement dwellers or playoff contenders, and likewise with us, they always seem to find a way to win. They're missing a key part of that, though. Antero Nittymaki has moved on to frustrate the heck out of us with Tampa Bay. In fifteen starts against the Thrashers, he has never lost.

Tonight, Brian Boucher starts in net. Late of the Sharks, he hasn't really gotten tested by the Thrashers in years past. Of course, ths season's Thrashers are a bit more testing than previous incarnations. Ask Carolina. Down 4-1 heading into the third period, the Thrashers kicked it into high gear, scoring 5 goals in one period (Max has something like 8 goals in his last 7 games, I believe), further continuing their trend of taking 2 periods off to horde up energy, and then playing out of their mind in the 3rd. Carolina was continuing their trend of playing ok for two periods and then being arrogant in the 3rd, leaving Legace out to dry.

This plan might not work tonight against the Flyers. We might want to look into playing for three periods straight. Oh, and we might just have to keep an eye on Mike Richards. Ask David Booth about his "leadership."

I think Carcillo got a game misconduct yesterday, but I'm unsure if any hearings are forthcoming for the face off fight. Boults is in for us tonight just in case.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

After tonight's game, Kubina is +15, Antropov a +12; think miserable Leaf fan wants them back? (Exelby's a -6.)

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