Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fan ta Detroit, part Deux.

He's their newest call-up. Eight legs, and he can't even manage a decent SOG.

Yes, I know I just combined Swedish and French in that title. Sue me.

Anywho, the Blues are finally coming off of back-to- back wins with their 3-1 defeat of the Nashville Predators last night. Not only did we spoil their hopes for an 8 game win streak, we also pulled ourselves to within 2 points of the Detroit Red Wings.

That sounds a lot better than it is. Detroit's 4th in the Central, and we're fifth. But still. We can laugh at their fall from grace this year, the loss of their top goal scorers to injury, free agency, and the KHL... we can point to the fact that they're not even in the playoff picture. We can even bring up those back to back wins in Sweden.

The reality is, though, that the Blues aren't doing well on home ice, and theyr'e not doing well under pressure. The scorers that we need to wake up - Boyes, Backes, and Kariya - all got goals last night. They're streaky people. Is this a beginning of that? Will Backes have another outstanding performance against Detroit? What do we have to do to beat them?

Easy - shoot the puck on goal. Osgood or Howard, either or... they're not sharp this season. Their defense, almost always the best in the league, is suffering. The highest goal scorer on the team is Tomas Holmstrom's butt. They've been shut out for eight straight periods, so they're playing scared, desperate hockey.

Or, if worse comes to worse, wait for them to score. Chances are pretty good that their goal will be called off anyway.


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