Monday, November 30, 2009

In case you missed it...

The Thrashers FINALLY beat Philly. It was like we won the Cup, but in a smaller scale. And without Gary Bettman.

But still, it was a good accomplishment - congrats to Johan Hedberg - he of the 2nd best SV% in the league (!) earned himself his first shutout of the season. Rich Peverley - he of the league leading 5 GWGs - potted the only goal in the game.

Oh, and despite some stupid football game down the street, we had almost 16K people there.

Tonight, well... we're playing Florida, the weather blows - attendance probably won't be at that level. But I'm sure Moose and crew will be at that level of play again - there's a reason we're NUMBER FOUR on TSN's power rankings. Yes, you read that right - four. As Ben Wright put it, that's what 2 shutouts and going 6-1-2 in the span of 10 games'll getcha, especially if one of them is against Detroit.

I don't know, but all of this positive press is starting to give me the warm fuzzies. Oh, and those two goalies? They're a blessing, not a curse.


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