Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Veeeery interesting.

But stooopid.

Keith Ballard is an angry man. Now, most of Florida's fans aren't too thrilled with him either. Total overreaction to a first period goal. Yeah, someone probably should have been on Kovy a little better, but don't break your stick in a temper tantrum (Hainsey's "Oh shit" moment after the 2nd Florida goal went in off of his stick was much more appropriate), and if you're going to swing, pay attention to make sure you don't almost kill your goaltender. Vokoun's fine; per Ben's post-game write up, he wound up going to a local hospital with a nasty ear laceration. It was scary at the game, though, because it took a while to figure out what happened, and because he looked like he was knocked into the next century. I'm with Moose on this one: "I feel so sad for both Vokoun and whoever happened to be the Florida guy who did it. You don't wish that upon your worst enemy. I hope Tomas can be okay."

The game itself was a blast, despite the God-awful attendance thanks to the rain and Monday Night Football - sad but true, I know. More last second heroics from Max Afinogenov sealed the deal with less than five seconds remaining. The fourth line produced with Boulton netting 2 assists, one of which was a very smooth pass to Thorburn for an easy tap-in on Clemmenson. One thing I had a little issue with - Hainsey probably doesn't need to be anywhere near Moose. Ever. He tipped in, or deflected in, 2 goals tonight, and was responsible for a couple Hedberg's start before last. He was the first guy over there after the game, presumably to apologize. Moose only failed to stop one non-deflected shot. He's been outstanding. We're lucky to have the two goalies that we do. And, shockingly enough, The Hockey News notices this - and agrees.


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