Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thrashers/Pens Morning Skate

Today was the 2nd bloggers' day that the Thrashers held for us. We got some good interviews and such, which I shall write up when I get down to Philips and set up - I'll be doing some blogging from the game as well. The mood for the Thrashers this morning was pretty playful - it's nice to see a good positive environment around this team. Absolutely enjoyed watching Enstrom hitch a ride on Max's coattails. Literally.

Most of it was warm up drills, and shooting drills to keep the goalies sharp. About halfway through they broke for some face-off practice, which consisted mostly of Reasoner and White. Antropov, despite winning about one faceoff on Thursday night, did not participate. I'm sure it's a matter of him being the set up guy and the defensive guy on the line, but he's also the center. The top line has been responsible for a good bit of our points recently (all three goals Thursday, and five points total), so they're doing something correct (obviously), but it does concern me that Antro is still this shaky at center.

Audio of the interviews with Anderson, Cunnyworth, and Peverley will be forthcoming once I figure out where the heck to host them.

But, anywho, here are about the 4 good photos I got out of 50 taken. I am not the best at photography, and I admit that it helps that when you buy a new camera, you need to familiarize yourself with settings. Seriously. Settings.

The guys taking a knee or so.

Pavs getting ready for some drillin'.

Listening to el coach.

I snagged some excellent photos of the Pens, though - those shall be going up on Pensburgh shortly.

And, of course, the videos I managed to snag. They're oddly better than the photos.

More to come later...


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