Friday, November 20, 2009

ZBo going for gold?

According to a couple of sources, NHL Fanhouse is reporting that Zach Bogosian is getting a hefty look-see by Brian Burke, Don Waddell (duh), and the rest of the coaching and scouting staff of Team USA. Bogosian's 10 points in 18 games is outstanding, and his 8 goals leads the league's defensemen (and is higher than last year's three Norris candidates totals to date combined). Not only is he a sharp defenseman, he's also developing into an outstanding 2 way player.

One thing I noticed again during the game last night, is that when Bogosian winds up for a shot, the waters part. He might have missed the net on a slapper, but he damned well almost broke the glass with it. Gosh, where have I seen that before...

Oh yeah.


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