Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three points doled out tonight...

First off, allow me to congratulate Erik Johnson on his GWG against Phoenix tonight. My vocal cords don't thank you (I really need to turn down my radio in the car, I guess) but the Blues and every single Blues fan thanks you. We won a game at home. It's almost like VE-Day, but without the massive sacrifices for our country. Also, thank you to Walt and Oshie for breaking out of some slumpage. You're next, Boyes. You hear me? YOU ARE NEXT.

The Thrashers came away with just a point in a shoot out loss against Boston, but (despite the officiating - thank you, Chris Lee for every call in our favor, and screw you, Brian Pochmara, for every single freaking random call against us) this was one of the most fun games I have attended this season. Two wonky bounces/good reads by the Bruins put them up to an early lead, but goals from Antropov and Kovy in the second tied it. Boston sneaked ahead on a goal towards the end of the 2nd and maintained a 3-2 score until the last 45 seconds of the game, when Max blasted home the game tying goal. We are in 2nd place in the SE and back into the top eight thanks to that man.

All three goals came from the top line of Kovy-Antro-Max. I challenge you to find a top line faster or more adept at puck handling. I dare you. Now face off percentage, yeah... Antro needs to still work on that. But honest to God, Barry Melrose - I know you were trying to pay us a compliment by calling Kovy a "poor man's Ovy," and you had a lot of nice stuff to say about us while pumping us up for the game of the week, but Kovy's just as good as, if not better than, Ovy. Ovy gets the press because of the team he's on... look for that to change as this season progresses.

Saturday's against Sid and Geno and the Pens. I'll be up in the presser for this one... like I've mentioned before, if you have a question suggestion for JA, Peverley, or whatnot, please let me know.

Oh, and BTW, Kovalchuk has 11 points IN FOUR GAMES.

Four games. Marinade on that for a second. That's 2.75 a game. If he were to continue on this pace for the rest of the season, he'd have over one hundred and sixty points this season. That's Gretzky levels. I doubt that he can maintain this pace. but good lord anyway.


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