Wednesday, December 30, 2009


That's our road record now. The Thrashers are now 1 game above .500, 0-5-1 in their last six, and are floundering pretty badly. I don't really know if it's the Kovy talks, or they're just tired from their absurd pace beginning at the end of last season, or what, but this team's been deflated.

One interesting set of stats from this season thus far:
Ondrej Pavelec: SV%: .9.03; GAA: 3.52
Johan Hedberg: SV%:.921; GAA: 2.43

It kills me to say this, especially after the outstanding start that Pavs had, he didn't prove me wrong after all. He really *isn't* ready for the big time, he really *does* need that extra year of AHL seasoning, and yet again our season's hopes ride on our oft-injured starter and our outstanding backup. Right now, that back up has played himself into the #1 position in many people's eyes.

Johan Hedberg, solidifying himself as our starter du jour - one would think.

This month's been horrible for the Thrashers, and I'm fairly sure that the Kovalchuk contract kerfluffle has been a huge part of it. Honestly, though, goaltending's been a bigger one - as long as Anderson insists on starting Pavelec in situations where he shouldn't start - like against Boston EVER - it's going to continue to be an issue. Stop giving him chances to regain his oomph. He'll get it when he gets it, but it doesn't need to come at the risk of losing games. Hedberg's hot, he's level headed, and he can play. Let him do it. He gives us a chance to win moreso than Pavs does right now, regardless of how terribly we're playing. Make Hedberg the 1A, please.


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