Monday, December 07, 2009

Back into the lion's den.

Tonight marks the return of Nik Antropov and Pavel Kubina to Toronto. I'm not sure if you've noticed it or not. You know, because it hasn't been mentioned anywhere like TSN, the CBC, the Toronto Sun (who need to get who plays with Max and Antropov correct), or the Globe and Mail.

Oh, so it has been? Well.

I wonder what explains the morbid fascination with the return of these two former Leafs who were driven out of Toronto like the snakes from Ireland. Kubina was -15 last year on the Leafs, and has turned around to be a +16 is among the league leaders in +/- along with Antropov. Gosh - wait. I understand.

The frustration comes from watching two players who were loved and reviled re-start their careers in a city unworthy of having a hockey team, and really unworthy of having a *good* hockey team. Toronto's record or 8-13-7 is what Atlanta should have, right? The Thrashers' record of 15-8-3 is what the rough and tumble Leafs should have tumbled out of the gate with, eh?

Gosh, it must be rough for some when the season doesn't start the way that it should have. For others, well... it's not half bad. Actually, that came out a lot harsher than I wanted it to. I have a lot of buddies who are Leafs fans (the fine "gentlemen" over at Pension Plan Puppets come to mind) who are pretty cool, humble, self depreciating... as a Thrasher fan, well... we can probably relate more than we disagree. If you want some free entertainment, swing by their GDT tonight. They're good peeps.

Goalie matchup should be Toskala versus Pavelec. I'm awaiting the results... or if Toskala lets in 3 goals and "gets hurt" again. I didn't know that embarrassment could get you on the IR.

One other thing I almost forgot about - XLB'll be suited up tonight, presumably on purpose. He's been a scratch for a majority of his time in Toronto, and might be part of the reason that Toronto fans are a bit grumbly about the Kubina kerfluffle. Either he's going to get into it with Boults or Thor, or he'll be horribly out of position on a goal. I feel it.


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