Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm going to pretend that those two games did not happen tonight.

Before I go off to bed, and before I marinade on what I'm going to write for my first article over at Crash the Crease, I do need to share with you the latest installment of the "Odd Woman Rush" series over at Cycle Like the Sedins. Mostly because I'm in it this time, and also because I have fallen down on my job in really doing some PR for it, especially since I wrote a blog post regarding women in hockey broadcasting/blogging/writing/whatever and I figure that this kinda goes along with it.

And now off to go drown my sorrows in Sunny D and cholesterol meds, before I try to get to sleep. Damn nap... stupid Toskala and Budaj... wow. That was a sentence I never wanted to write.


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