Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Couple of quick links...

Ahh, just like old times.

Exelby was back in Atlanta yesterday. Not very notable, unless you count the fact that he seemed genuinely very happy to see a lot of the Atlanta fans welcoming him home - and by home I mean that he keeps on here and has every intention of returning during the off-season. I like the guy and I kind of miss him, but I wouldn't undo the X for Kubina trade if my life depended on it...

Also, Kari's close-ish, possibly ready for a conditioning stint. Which rocks, since Pavs has gone 3-0-1 in his last 4 starts. Yep. Goalie controversy. Awesome.

Finally, Dan O'Neill looks at the Blues and where they stand - and where they need to stand by the end of the year. Outstanding piece. Really enjoy him calling out that inane marketing scheme. Oh, and it's nice to see a photo involving a coach that looks like he's not ready to kill and maim.


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