Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leafs and Thrashers thoughts.

Fun, fun game tonight. Seriously - I always enjoy watching the Leafs, and tonight was as chippy as usual (14 penalties between the two teams - nice). Also, I always appreciate their fans seeing as how they don't get drunk, scream inappropriate things, and start fights with 7 year olds.

Couple of quick things - Kovalchuk's just en fuego now. Loved the 2nd goal celebration. I know I'm reading way too much into it, but that did not look like someone who wanted to jump ship. Glad to see Kane and Pevs score too.

My God, though, could someone PLEASE split up Bogosian and Hainsey? Now. Do it. Hainsey was a -2 and Bogosian was a -1 (due to the good fortune to be out there on both of Kovy's goals). That pairing was out there for every goal against. We pay Ron Hainsey the GNP of Zimbabwe to stand around out there and look like a better coiffed Eric Brewer. Those two guys have the A on their chest, and while I don't hold Bogosian up to the same standard as Hainsey seeing as how this is his second season, it would be nice to see that pairing step up and play like they deserve those As. Bogosian's learning some bad habits out there. Kubina and Enstrom, while I like them together, might need to be split just to get Hainsey with someone who doesn't have to wonder what's going on, and to get Bogosian back with someone who he gelled with.


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