Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally: a decent night of hockey.

After Saturday's abysmal 8-1 butt-kicking at the hand of the Capitals, I was actually moderately dreading going to the game yesterday. I wasn't sure which Thrashers team I would see: the tentative, whipped puppy? The pissed off, fire at will team? Or, the "wait, what - we're playing a game right now? Dude" squad?

Thankfully, I got option B. Talk about taking frustrations out on someone. The Thrashers took care of the Ottawa Senators 6-1, mostly buoyed by a very entertaining 3 goal first period, which was punctuated with some scrums and Schubert getting a game misconduct for trying to shove Cheechoo as far through the boards as possible. The game as a whole was uptempo and fiesty, with White finally scoring again, and Kozlov shoving with Ruutu - never a good idea. Kovy had a goal and two assists, and the line of Boulton-White-Kozlov was surprisingly productive. Who knew Boults just really needed a set-up guy?

All kidding aside, I'm not sold on those line combos, though. Max -Reasoner-Armstrong was just weird, and didn't record a single point during a 6 goal game. I'm sure it would have been less weird had Army done something productive other than aimlessly float (again). Of course, if he's all scared about Kovy re-signing and only basing his own contract re-upping on if Kovalchuk re-signs, maybe he's just playing it safe so he doesn't diminish his trade value.

Generally speaking, good game - very nice to see Pavs rebound (see what I did there?) and have a game where he didn't allow 4 goals or get pulled. I hope he gets back on track, because we still have a few weeks until Kari returns. We're only 2 points out of 8th, so I'm not throwing in the towel just yet. Thank goodness the East sucks.


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