Monday, January 11, 2010

New Thrasher Line Combos.

This is from Chris Vivlamore of the AJC:

Here are the line combos. I’m not sure if there is an order.

Blue: Kovalchuk-Antropov/Peverly-Thorburn

Gray: Armstong-Reasoner-Afinogenov

Orange: Kane-Slater-Little

Red: Kozlov-White-Boulton

Good to see that John Anderson's sticking with the "throw crap at a wall and see what sticks/pulling names out of a hat" strategy of line combonations.

Kozlov and White deserve to be demoted, but I don't think Koz needs to be on the 4th line - what chemistry does he have with Boulton? And White? Yeah, 4th line is ok there, but geeze, shove Army down there too. I haven't seen him ad anything to a game in a couple of weeks. Move Kane up to the 2nd line, Kozlov up to the 3rd. The first line's been fine with Max on the wing all season... why he's screwing with Kovy/Antro/Max is a bit confusing.

Heck, I have an even weirder idea once Antro comes back - SIT TODD WHITE. He's the center that isn't contributing a thing. Just stop putting players with no complimentary skills together on one line, please. This is part of the problem. I'm sure that Kovy's thrilled to be playing with Thorburn over Max. Nothing against Thor, but that experiment's been tried several times, and failed.


Bright Young Thing said...

I think he's trying the "spread the wealth around" strategy - which occasionally works in baseball/softball batting line-ups.

But who knows, maybe the good players will demand more of their lesser line counterparts - inspiring them to "play up" more. I call that "inspirational humiliation," because if your teammate is next to you kicking ass, you're gonna try to keep up - so you don't look weak. The ones who still look weak after that, I say bench em.

But I still think the biggest thing is the morale blow from the whole Kovy "halfway thru the revolving door" debacle. Which, I'm sorry, but it's time for him to tell his agent that he either wants to stay or go. I look at it this way - If you're happy in Atlanta and you know it, clap your hands, settle for a bit less, and get on with it.

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