Friday, February 12, 2010

A Bergfors of Nature.

Niclas Bergfors has 2 GWG in 4 games with the Thrashers, and 3 goals overall. Much improved effort from what we saw Wednesday night - they maintained pressure and didn't back off an ounce. The PK is getting better (though the PP needs work - GET WHITE OFF OF IT), Hedberg was solid again... frankly, I'm pleased. I'm really pleased with Bergfors and Kane, though. Kane was hitting, forcing people off the puck, taking out Backstrom - you name it, he was doing it.

Bergfors is currently #5 in rookie scoring with 30 points, and is 3rd in rookie goals with 16 - three off of Duchene for the lead. Kane is #6 in goals with 12, and 9th overall with 22 points. I'm not sure if you can consider Bergfors as replacing Kovy's goals, but one thing is certain - playing in our offensive system instead of the Devils' trap is doing that kid an absolute world of good. He has 13 goals in 53 GP with the Devils, and he has 3 in just 4 games played with us - definite uptick. He's on pace for about 17 goals with the Thrashers from now through the end of the season. Kovalchuk is on pace for a little over 4. Hm. I really don't think my math is correct on that one... but I stand by the fact that Bergfors has a distinct chance of outscoring Kovalchuk between now and the end of the season.


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