Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Talented Mr. Backes

David Backes is more than all that is man, Chuck Norris' idol, and more fierce than Raptor Jesus - he's also a really nice guy with a great moral compass. This is the best player profile the guys at the Post-Dispatch have probably ever gotten together - Blues fan, Thrashers fan, hockey fan - you can't deny that Backes is something special, and a needed part of the team.

I have no idea why he looks like he's getting ready to cry.

To make this post actually useful, the Thrashers have called up Bogosian's former junior linemate Arturs Kulda. Apaprently Pops didn't practice this AM, and since we're only carrying 6 defensemen, we might as well bring up the AHL leader in +/-. Here's hoping that they regain the magic, because Bogosian's play has been atrocious of late and he's getting dangerously close to that press box buffet. Koz needs the company.


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