Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's late, so I'll make this brief.

Should have won that Avs game. No clue what the hell Bogosian was doing at the end, but it was obvious that Hedberg thought that he had his man covered and it wound up being even more obvious that wasn't the case.

Congrats on Bergfors' 2nd goal as a Thrasher, and Bryan Little's 10th. Both have scored in the past 2 games. Hedberg owns (according to Craig Custance) the league's lowest GAA for the 3rd period, which again makes me feel warm and fuzzy that the Moose will be hanging around for the rest of the season - and after how he's played this year, beyond.

Also, as pointed out by Ben Wright on twitter earlier, Bergfors has 2 goals. Kovachuk has none. The Thrashers are 1-2-1, and so are the Devils. At the risk of sounding like some weird spurned fanbase, well, draw your own conclusion regarding the trade so far.

Finally, feel free to listen to me blather about Kovy, Lehtonen, Salmela, borderline hits, and the massive wussification of hockey... and a few other things. Thanks to Mike & Mike - very much fun! Looking forward to doing it again.


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