Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lehtonen to Dallas

According to Kevin Allen - but broken by our own Chris Vivlamore - Lehtonen is to be traded to the Dallas Stars for Ivan Vishnevskiy, a 2006 1st round pick. Possibly a lower level draft pick is coming back as well. I was assuming we would get an NHL player for him, but I guess this is evidence of how far his stock's fallen.

Bob McKenzie said that this'll be done after tonight's Chicago/Dallas game. For the Thrashers' perspective, Birdwatcher's Anonymous of course has info, and from the Dallas side, please to be seeing Defending Big D, and Brandon Worley.

Good luck, Kari, if this is the case. Thanks for being an outstanding goalie when you were healthy. But not so much for hanging us in limbo. I wish things could have worked out differently.

EDIT 2: Army's next, according to Allen. Not a fire-sale from the Thrashers, we're unloading pieces who are holding us back/not contributing so we can actually make an effective run.

EDIT 3: It's official.


Wayne stuck in AL said...

Thus breaking the heart of that girl that runs FireWagon Hockey...

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