Tuesday, February 09, 2010

News and notes.

Bobo's on the IR, probably for the rest of the season. That absolutely kills me, because despite a shaky start (that I admit I was not happy with), he's really picking it up. His skating's improving, his positioning is better, and he doesn't get whistled for being tall anymore.

Ben of Blueland Blog fame got a chance to catch up to the two newest Thrashers, Oduya and Bergfors. Watch for yourselves, but they both seem kind of meh about the situation, and I really can't blame them. Anytime an interview starts off with a comment about the weather, you know you're on a roll.

It's all good. A few more crowds like the one that we had Saturday should help (hint hint).

And our Goalie of Tomorrow (uh, yesterday's Goalie of Tomorrow?) will be joining us on the road trip. No clue what games, if any, he'll start, but I'm anxious to see how he does back in action. I'm torn between playing him so he isn't rusty and just playing Moose so we can freaking win. Hm.

EDIT: No, no Kari won't. Vivlamore's hearing more than rumbles that he's been traded to Dallas, so I can breathe easier. *whew* Masonry seems to be safe… unless the Blues do something retarded and get Turco.


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