Friday, February 26, 2010

Slava Kozlov Requests Trade from Atlanta Thrashers; Willing to Waive NTC

Per Chris Vivlamore, Slava Kozlov has agreed to waive his NTC and has requested a trade from the Atlanta Thrashers. The struggling winger (8-16-24) has been a healthy scratch for six games this season after previously holding the Thrashers' record for consecutive games played.

Quite frankly, I don't blame Kozlov. The scratching of someone who is an assistant captain by Anderson that often in a season was probably insulting to him. When you have two players with similar stats (Kozlov and White) and White gets sat one game versus Kozlov's six, it comes as no surprise that Kozzie wants out.

Todd White is beyond useless this year, but I think that the reason he's hanging around is the fact that we need a center somewhere. That, and his contract's too expensive for anyone other than us to justify. I'd far prefer White leave over Kozlov, but considering that the quality of play from the team hasn't dropped off when Kozzie's been scratched, I don't know how much the team'll really notice it.

If Armstrong gets traded at the deadline, that only leaves Bogosian and Hainsey as official team leadership.


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