Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cam Janssen Suspended Five Games for Hit on Matt Bradley

Janssen will be missing the first part of March thanks to the Wheel of Morality.

Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn... Tell us the lesson that we must learn!

Why? This hit:

Not a repeat offender, no track record at all of dirty hits, showed remorse, no injury, and most important of all, no intent to injure. How in the hell can they give him five games suspension when they give people far less for significantly worse? Mike Green got three games for the elbow on Michael Frolik, which was significantly worse and intentional. If you take a look at the suspensions for this year, the only other five game regular season suspension was on Laraque for a knee on knee of Kronwall, which was intentional and came from someone with a history. Hell, Sutton's awful boarding of Dupuis only got 2 games. Did Andy cry?

This is unwarranted, and I agree with Brad over at Game Time, has a really weird timing - right at the start of Capitals practices? What? If they knew they were going to suspend him, do it at the event of the incident. Don't wait until 2/3rds of the Olympics are over before you pipe up and you say something. The Wheel of Morality needs to be tightened up. There are no standards, no consistency applied... unless you count DGB's flow chart:


Brad Lee said...

Actually, he was suspended in 07 as a Devil, so he is considered a repeat offender. And yes, I think that's wrong.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

Duh, I did forget that hit got him a suspension being late, but does one hit really make a history? It drives me nuts how guys like Cam who screw up maybe once every 3 years get the book thrown at them, while guys like Armstrong fly around making borderline hits (that I'm sorry, half of them are dirty and not seen) and absolutely nothing comes of them. Hell, half the time Army leaves his skates before impact.

Yes, I hope Armstrong's outta here on March 3rd.

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