Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Heeeeeeey, Ladies!

In honor of the upcoming Ladies' hockey final between the US and Canada (who to my knowledge have been the actual only 2 teams participating in these games) Cassie of Raw Charge and fellow occasional co-contributor to Cycle Like the Sedins, has written an outstanding look at Olympic Women's Hockey. While not as maligned as women's basketball (honestly, do people go to WNBA games? Sad), women's ice hockey is obviously not as focused on as the men's. It's unfortunate, because the Canadian and American teams are the best in the world, and could probably kick the ever loving hell out of any AHL team (and probably some of the NHL - I see you hiding over there, Edmonton).

If you're unfamiliar with womens' hockey, or just like looking at photos of pretty ladies in hockey skates, check it out - it's a really great read.


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