Wednesday, February 03, 2010

So, where to? is reporting that Kovalchuk has been told today that he will be moved, though word has not been released to where he is being moved to. Quite frankly, I'm relieved that there's a resolution in sight. The Thrashers have never won anything with Kovalchuk, so it's not like we can't win anything without him, too. I would rather have 2 25 goal scorers who can prevent SOG instead of a 50 goal scorer who has a crap +/- (for the record, Kovalchuk is at a +2, which is sad considering his linemate Nik Antropov's rating of plus seventeen and he has scored almost 20 fewer goals). I'm anxious to see what Waddell turns Kovy for - that's always been the real question to me.

Thanks for 8 years Kovy. It was real. It was fun. A couple of times it was real fun. But now it's really over… guess Falconer over at BWA was totally vindicated, eh?

Oh, and the Blues survived just fine without Brett Hull. The Thrashers can do the same without Kovalchuk, and probably do better. The cloud's going to be lifted - maybe now we can finally play some decent hockey. I'm just worried about Max and Kubina after this season more than anything that could happen with Kovy.


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