Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking an Olympic Break

Mostly because I'm tired of complaining about NBC's hockey coverage (they network flipped last night without warning again, and the on-line broadcasts are still announcer free - not to mention that the televised broadcast aired a commercial IN PLACE OF THE SWISS' FIRST GOAL), and mostly because I found this really really cool... Head over to the always interesting and informative Uni Watch blog and check out some Blues history. The author of St. Louis Blues: Note by Note sent over a copy of his book to the blogmaster, and gave him permission to reprint some of the illustrations within. There're some outstanding historical photographs in there, as well as uniform mock-ups (some WORSE than the Trumpet Jersey - wrap your mind around that), old ticket stubs, advertising, programs, and a bunch more from 35 (at the time) years of Blues hockey. Usually it's the Original Six franchises that get this much love and attention in book and retrospective form. It's nice to see it given to one of the younger teams.

BTW, Jonas Hiller was a trending topic on Twitter last night in Atlanta, over that escaped zebra from the circus. Take that, everyone who thinks Atlantans don't care about hockey. NYAH.


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