Sunday, February 21, 2010

I've been on a little Olympic Hiatus from blogging...

... but I must break it for this - GO USA. Yes, I know it wasn't a medal round. Yes, it's not the most important game we've won since the 1980 Miracle, but it's the first time we've beaten Canada since the '60s, and we did it with the support of Ryan Miller. I am not a Buffalo fan by any stretch of the imagination, but the next time they come to Philips, he's getting some love from me - and hopefully from everyone else there.

Yes, America was outshot, but I don't think that we were outplayed. We're rough and tumble, and we really made our chances count. BTW, did anyone else have Brian Rafalski pegged for the beastly performance he's put forward? My God. Color me impressed.

Babcock, well... this is just showing that maybe he's not the coach everyone has him pegged for. Excellent, yes, but he's made some questionable calls - such as having all of his SJ players out there at once in a clutch situation, or like starting Brodeur again after his performance against the Swiss. If I were a Devils fan, I'd be really concerned for the playoffs. Bobby Lou'll probably be in there for Canada against Germany the next game.

Speaking of that - yes, Canada doesn't get the bye going into the rounds where stuff counts, but isn't playing Germany basically like getting a bye? We all know that the next big matchup'll be Canada v. Russia, and if NBC doesn't air THAT one on a network that comes in HD, they deserve to have the league airing rights stripped. It's embarrassing that such an outstanding game like the one tonight was shoved off onto MSNBC in favor of ice dancing. As a hockey fan, I'm insulted.


GMF said...

I don't think you can blame Babcock for anything. He started Brodeur who did end up being a hero in the Swiss game making 4 big saves in the shootout.

And I totally agree on the NBC thing, how ridiculous was that?


Wayne stuck in AL said...

What's the big deal about a game being on HD anyway? I'm just glad it's available in color...

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

There ya go, Wayne! Temper your expectations, and NBC might come through. Almost. Maybe. Once.

I understand Babcock's pressure to play Marty last night in the game, and if he wasn't such a weird un-Marty like funk, Canada probably could have won. I'm still not sure about rolling a line of Sharks out there, though, when it's a clutch game. No offense to SJ, who I generally pull for in the playoffs, but they're just not known for being able to come through.

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