Thursday, February 04, 2010

We don't want no Kovy drama.

Well, we're getting it. Per Chhesnokov's twitter feed (link coming when I get home) Kovy should travel with the team to DC and play tomorrow night - the deal is NOT DONE YET. Sorry, folks. Trade talks and random proposals'll be flying about for a few more days.

The most hysterical part of all of this (and the most maddening or heartening, depending on how you feel about Kovalchuk remaining) is that Kovy spoke to the media today hinting that an extension is still an option. Waddell hasn't heard back from Grossman for a week or so on a big deal that was about $80 million for 8 years. Methinks (along with a few friends) that offer still stands to Kovy while Don is poking around. Releasing the news that Kovalchuk was told that he was to be traded was to weed out the pretenders and let Waddell know what teams were serious. Now he has to filter through the offers, and if no one gives him something reasonable, that option remains.

Kovalchuk went all drama queen on a contract extension after the lock out - we didn't even start that season with him on the ice. There could be a possibility, even if it is a minuscule one, that this could be a redux of that.

Heck, if you want what's really going on, why not get it from the horse's mouth? Oh, wait... he doesn't have a clue either? Awesome. Hey, Kovy - the agent works for you.


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