Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Coach Anderson, one other thing...

The Thrashers need some accountabillibuddies. Start with the coach.

I'm pretty sure that you're a good coach. But just STOP with the excuses and the whining. I'm starting to think that you're the reason this team's so "fragile." They're picking that vibe up from you.

Quite frankly, I don't know the rule anymore," Anderson said. "How many goals like that have we seen go against us? I don't understand what the ruling was. Was it goaltender interference? Why don't we have a penalty call?

"It was a game-changing call. I didn't like it."

What?? You don't know the RULE? If a player impedes the goaltender's ability to play the puck, and the puck goes in the net, it's goaltender interference. That's why there wasn't any call to Toronto. It's like the intent to blow rule. Same basic thing. The ref felt that Thorburn interfered. Did he? I didn't see it, but I was in my seat a few rows back behind the net, and the ref was right behind the goal with a clear line of sight.

Oh, and Pops' turn over? What of that?

"It was just a bad bounce," the coach said. "A little bump in the ice and he missed the puck and it ends up in the net."

No, it was a turnover that led to the GAME WINNING GOAL. I don't like calling players out by name to the press, but don't make excuses for them either. He screwed up, and he better be held accountable for that. But chances are pretty good that he won't be... because accountability makes the team more fragile.

The only player getting called out on a nightly basis is Slava Kozlov, and that's because of a personal dispute with Anderson that has absolutely nothing to do with what's going on on the ice anymore. It has everything to do with a news article quoting Kozlov as speaking out critically at Anderson and the Kovalchuk situation.

White has no speed. He can't replace Evander Kane for the next three to five weeks. At least Kozlov can pick it up and move faster than a mobster in cement shoes once in a while. Put the petty BS aside and do something that might benefit the team. And next time we lose? No excuses - for any on that team or yourself. There are quite a few fans who are getting tired of it.


Sunshine36616 said...

Well said. I can't even watch Anderson's post game interviews, he looks like he wants to kill himself. I so agree about White, too.

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