Monday, February 23, 2009

If you recall...

Looks like it's time for the return of the Stastny. His 14 day conditioning stint is done, and he is good to go. Not sure who, if anyone, the Blues'll re-assign to Peoria.

EDIT: Maybe we'll assign Yan back to the Rivermen. He's been put on waivers, and I'm not sure if anyone'll claim him. Hey, Thrashers - you want ANOTHER center? At least this one can knock people around. If we trade Reasoner (sigh) since he's a UFA for picks, he'd be a replacement in a pinch, albiet one who can't score and who has a lower FO% than any of our current centers.

Yep. Expect to see him in Thrasher Blue by tomorrow. He seems to fit the bill.


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