Monday, March 23, 2009

Power of Positive Thought...

There are actually quite a few positives to take away from this season if you're a Thrashers fan. Yes, the record is not one of them. At all. But we have had a few good things go down.

  • 2 winning months in a row - for our team, that's an accomplishment. We were 6-5-1 for Feburary, and so far with 3 games left in March we're 7-3-0. Not half bad, especially our March record so far.
  • Slava Kozlov leading the league in power play points and being 6 for 7 on the shootout. Unreal.
  • Rich Peverley being the best waiver wire pick up of the season
  • Having 4 (and potentially 5 with Army having 17) 20 goal scorers on the year: Kovy, Little, Kozzy, and White. Kovy's got 37 and Little has 31, good for 2nd most among league right wingers (tied with Ignila behind Hossa - and if you're doing a search on, Little's still listed as a center).
  • Todd White breaking his previous season record for points - he currently has 66.
  • Marty Reasoner managing to be +10 on this team.
  • Toby Enstrom and Zach Bogosian being a fun and exciting defensive pairing that's effective and can score - Toby is +7 with 4G 21A, and ZBo is +6 with 5G 8A during a shortened season.
  • Captain Kovy being #7 in the league in points and 4th in goals - one good streak and he'll be #2 again - so much for the slow start.
  • Bryan Little being #4 in the league with a 19.7 shot percentage.
  • Our 10th ranked powerplay, which is pleasant since our PK is #29.
  • Kari, when healthy and motivated, has the ability to be a total beast. His stats don't show how well he's played recentlty
Anyone have any other positives? Please, leave 'em in the comments.


Mutton Sourdough said...

The team playin as just that--a team. "Startin' to come together, Pepper. Startin' to come together."

Anonymous said...

Yeah I got a positive...Thrashers fans actually starting to get excited about our team again. I know it's been a tough season but to see us pull through and start playing as a team is a hell of a way to end the season.

We have some nice pieces in place, I just hope we can keep them in place in June & July.

Nice post, L!

Laura said...

LOL - the sig kinda killed the anyon. ;)

I agree - we're excited again. The boards aren't quite as... evil. For the most part. I think that we can keep these guys together and add a cog or two that'll fit in pretty well. Dare I say it, I think that DW did pretty ok this off season and he might do better this time around.

Ok, ok... I'll bite my tongue. :D

Andrew said...

how about all the SHG that have popped up with new enthusiasm on the PK? That is a big one there.

Wayne from AL said...

Yeah, the season is almost over!

Mano said...


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