Wednesday, June 24, 2009

News, (Blue)Notes, and Whatnot

Few random bits of info. First off, John Davidson would like to see Ben Bishop grow another year in Peoria. I can't argue with his reasoning.Wait... are you saying I need to grow *more*?

"I'd like to see him play 60 games in Peoria rather than 20 in St. Louis. I don't think he'd think that way. The mind-set is to do it yesterday. I like that push and the hunger, but you have to pay a price to get there. Ben is a good, young goaltender. He needs to play," said Davidson.

Next up, per a tweet by Craig Custance, the Thrashers have extended QAs to three of our RFAs: Kari Lehtonen, Colby Armstrong, and Jim Slater. The ones waiting for an offer include Thorburn, and Valabik. Don't fret - we have until Monday to extend one.

Fun write-up on our probable #4 pick at the draft on Friday, Evander Kane, from the Vancouver Sun. This kid sounds like a possible immediate impact player for us... hello, secondary scoring? Before you start crowing about how Little is our secondary scoring, nay. He's our *primary* scoring with Kovy. Kozlov, White and Pevs are secondary.

Best part about Kane? Possibly the fact that he was named after Atlanta resident and heavyweight boxer (though a hard of hearing one) Evander Holyfield. Take that, mush up the obvious marketing bo-nan-za of having a young black man on a team in a town with a large African-American population, and the Thrashers have insta-PR. Let's see if Atlanta Spirit can not screw this up. The already haven't marked Bogosian and have barely marked Army - can we please market one of our fun young guys somewhere else other than the awesomeness on the official web site that gets offered up?

Speaking of official web site awesomeness, our web guru Ben Wright has an interview with Z-Bo up concerning the draft and the combine. It's refreshing to hear what someone who was there has to say.


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