Wednesday, June 24, 2009

To Celebrate Hullie's Selection to the HOF...

The Post-Dispatch has put together a great photo gallery remembering Hull's career. Shockingly, I didn't see a golfing photo. I did enjoy the photo of Hull and Oates together again at his number retirement... really REALLY liked seeing Oates in a Blues jersey again. *sniff* Speaking of number retirements/HHOF inductees, um... where is Oates? I get more and more frustrated every year that he doesn't get chosen.

Here's just hoping that Hull goes in with a primary affiliation to the Blues, even though he doesn't have to choose, and gave a diplomatic answer to that question. Yes, he won Cups in Dallas and Detroit, and you can't forget that amazing stretch with the 'Yotes (heh). But geeze. Look at the stats - 744 GP with the Blues, 527 goals, 409 assists. Only thing missing is a Cup.


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